Here’s a promo from EZ Laces to motivate you to burn those holiday calories!

Starting December 27, check our instagram – Atleta Ako – for the chance to win your color choice of EZ Laces. Here are the mechanics:

1. Check for our random Instagram posts (about 3 to 4 posts in a week) and identify the run route. A post will have 4 photos – 3 shots of the run route and a random color of EZ Laces, the very generous sponsor for this promo.

Atleta Ako Run Route

2. The first person to identify the run route thru the comment section wins his/her color choice of EZ Laces.

3. Winner has to check in our online store – his/her color of preference. The choice of color, contact details and shipment address will have to be emailed to us at [email protected]. Winner has an option also to pick up his/her prize at our office – 4th Floor Aguirre Bldg, 812 Arnaiz Avenue, Makati.

4. Winner should agree to post a photo of his/her prize installed on his/her shoes in social media – Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Hashtags to be used for the posts are #AtletaRun, #AtletaAko and #EZLacesph

There will be a total of 12 posts so watch out for these in the next few weeks.

Good luck! Happy running!

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