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Will my phone fit in a FlipBelt?

The FlipBelt has a 3-inch width; so all phones can fit comfortably in a FlipBelt. Customers who own a Note 2 and an iPhone 6 say their phones fit, but it will be a little snug. Here are some photos to show various iPhone models.

Flip2 Flip1

Phones in cases like the Otter box will fit into a FlipBelt. Rubber cases will stick to the fabric of the FlipBelt. If you’re using a rubber case, place your phone in a zip lock bag, and it should slide in fine.

How do I know what size to choose?

This really depends on your preference and how you want to wear your belt.

flipbelt-size chart

To ensure the most comfortable fit, choose the size appropriate to how you prefer to wear the belt. If you prefer it around your waist then go smaller, if your hips then go bigger. Whether you wear your belt around the waist or the hips, the measurement should stay around 2″ below the Max Stretch Circumference.

Is FlipBelt waterproof?

No, the FlipBelt is not waterproof. However, it’s made from a quick-dry, wicking fabric so a mild amount of sweat will bead off of the belt.

If you wear your FlipBelt in contact with your skin, sweat may soak through, depending on the amount. Waterproof material requires fabric treatment that will cause the belt to not be breathable, which can cause discomfort if worn against the skin.

We recommend you put your electronics in a zip lock bag before placing them into the belt before doing vigorous activities.

EZ Laces

Can EZ Laces be used for adult- and child-sized shoes?

Yes. EZ Laces are a one-size-fits-all product and can be trimmed to length to fit any sized athletic or hiking shoe. Lace length is 42″ and can be easily cut to size. Here are instructions on how to place EZ Laces on your shoes.

EZ 1 EZ 2 EZ 3

Can I run in the rain with EZ Laces?

Yes. EZ Laces elastic cords are made of high-quality elastic cord – same as used in “bungee” cords. The cords are waterproof and will not rot. The cords are protected by high-quality polyester and reflective threads, which are a great safety feature for night-time runners.

EZ Laces locks are made from durable ABS, and the locks incorporate strong, high-tension, non-corrosive alloy springs. Even when wet, EZ Laces locks maintain the desired firm tension on the lace without any loosening.

Can I use EZ Laces on my soccer cleats?

Yes. Since soccer cleats are generally a snug fitting shoe, we recommend that your EZ Laces are loosened prior to putting on your cleats and adjusted to suit your level of play once the shoe is on the foot. Keep in mind soccer is a very dynamic sport, with aggressive lateral movements. A tight fitting shoe is essential for proper safety.

Running Skirts

What are the sizes of Running Skirts compression socks?

Running Skirts compression socks are one size fits most. They’re recommended for women’s shoe size 6 ½ and up.

How do I know my size in Running Skirts? How are the skirts different from one another?

Here’s the Running Skirts size chart for your guide.


Running Skirt with Compression Shorts. Skirt with built-in compression shorts. Ultra Skirt with Brief. Made from a lighter material with a built-in brief. Ultra Skirt with Compression Shorts. Made from a lighter material with built-in compression shorts.

Can you help me figure you my size with the Sports Bras?

Here’s the size chart for the Sports Bras for your guide.


Shipping & Delivery

I ordered merchandise from the Atleta Ako website. How can I get it if I can’t pick it up?

We ship our orders via LBC.  Please allow 3 to 5 business days for receipt once shipped.

I can’t find the size I want and I have questions about the colors of the item I want. How can I get in touch with you?

Call us anytime! You can reach us at (02) 7529087.

I need something from your store ASAP! Do you offer rush delivery?

Please call us and we will try our best to rush a delivery.

Aside from the Atleta Ako website, where else can I find your merchandise?

Our products can be found in different stores all over the Philippines.


About Atleta Ako

Who are the Atleta Ako ambassadors?

Atleta Ako ambassadors are women who are enthusiastic about their sport and choose to stay active and healthy, no matter how busy their lives may be.

We launched a search for our first batch of Atleta Ako ambassadors in September 2014, and we received hundreds of entries from lots of very passionate women. We will be announcing our winners in January 2015.

Stay tuned!

I have a few questions I want to ask Atleta Ako. How can I get in touch with you?

Please go to the Contact Us page to fill out the inquiry form, or send an email to [email protected].

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