About Us

Atleta Ako is a one-stop shop for active females.

It all started out really simple. I was looking for the right training gear in the women’s section of a sports store, and I couldn’t find anything that suited me. But on the other side of the store, I saw that there were a lot more items available – but not for women.

I realized women’s options can be limited here, and that’s when it hit me: there should be a store of different sports apparel made just for women. And I don’t mean just smaller versions of men’s sportswear, but actual items made specifically for women.

So, putting my frustration to good use, I took to the Internet and did my research. I was already familiar with some brands for women displayed at the running and triathlon events I’ve attended here in the Philippines and in other countries, but I wanted to learn more about what else is available for women.

I thought, if more of these women-specific brands were brought into our country, more women can see that there is something for everyone. We come in different curves and sizes, but this shouldn’t stop us from being able do the sports we love, in style and in ease. Doing sports doesn’t have to be intimidating, if we’re wearing the proper gear. Who doesn’t want to, not just feel good, but also look great when doing her favorite sport?

And so, Atleta Ako was born. Atleta Ako started out with just one brand at the beginning of 2014, and we’ve added more brands since. Now, we’re working to bring in even more women-specific products for our growing number of customers. We’ve also started distributing some of our brands in stores all over the country, and we’re working with different partners to bring more of our items out there. We’ve participated in events including Tripalooza, the 2014 Cobra Ironman 70.3 in Cebu and the recent Tri United 4 in Clark.

This is just the start for Atleta Ako. Every day, we grow a little more as we receive such positive words from our customers. We didn’t realize that we could create such an impact in the health and fitness community, and this inspires us to bring even more quality items for all active females, and all others who want to begin a more active lifestyle.

Enjoy shopping and training!

Cecile and Atleta Ako

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