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How to maximize your swim training while still being fashionableSwimming has always been a part of my life. It is my alarm clock in the day and my sleeping pill at night. Swimming for most of my existence allowed me to develop a relationship with the water. Along with all the hard work that goes into building rapport with the element, one thing is for sure: you need to be one with it, not against it.

Dolfin Uglies PhilippinesWearing proper swimwear, like Dolfin Uglies, makes it a lot easier to achieve this. It is important that you train with a suit that you actually like and one that you’re comfortable using. Training is not just physical, but also mental. Therefore, feeling good in your training attire can positively affect your preparedness to train and help you perform at your best.

Based on my personal experience, apart from Dolfin’s colorful designs and sexy fit (it really sticks and brings out your inner Coca-Cola body), it has helped me with my endurance. It’s a lot heavier than usual suits, which is actually good for training because it makes me push harder during workouts. This helps me sustain a stronger pace during the race.

I also noticed that due to its excellent durability, the suit takes longer to dry, so I only get to use it thrice a week which is not bad at all. In case you’re wondering what’s the best way to wash your swimwear, my advice is to just rinse it with cold water and avoid washing it with liquid detergent or powder if you want your suits to last. To remove the smell of chlorine, soak it in water with baby soap and leave it for a few minutes. As a bonus tip, just like your favourite pair of jeans, putting your suit in the refrigerator (yep, a freezin’ ref!) can make its life span longer. 😉

The name Dolfin Uglies really doesn’t do justice to the product. On the contrary, the designs are quite eye-catching! It is definitely my swimsuit of choice because I know it will play a vital role in my training progress.

Dolfin Swimwear Philippines

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