Atleta Ako Ambassador: Emily Fabros Nillusguin

I’m committed to my sport to encourage women. Living this lifestyle also allows me to encourage more people – because this is also for their health, so that everyone can live longer lives for their families.

Atleta Ako Ambassador: Lora Tansengco

“Since crossing the finish line of a race has been part of my bucket list, I decided to make a go of it,” says Lora Tansengco, an obstetrician-gynecologist and triathlete.

Atleta Ako Ambassador: Ann Pablo

“To all women, start slow. And enjoy view from the top. Do it again. Because there’s no reason not to,” says Ann Pablo, mountaineer and owner of TRIPinas, an eco-adventure company.

Atleta Ako Ambassador: Rain Manongdo

“Being committed to sports makes me feel better and healthier. It’s not because I want to be the fastest athlete or fastest finisher in every race. I am committed because I love what I do, and it makes me feel good about myself. Inspiring other people to do the same is a great achievement,” says Rain Manongdo, a member of the Maharlika Drakon Dragon Boat Racers.

Atleta Ako Ambassador: Karen Crisostomo

“Because of cycling, I hear a lot of comments like “Uy, babae o!” because I am one female – an unusual sight – among many male cyclists on the road. But it’s very empowering, and it’s very good for your health,” describes Karen about her experiences as a female cyclist.

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